July 18, 2016

21 Jul

We slept in Monday morning as both of us felt like we were low on actual sleep due to the high altitudes we had been at. While the feeling of shortness of breath got better as we were in Colorado, it was still affecting us so more sleep sure felt great! On the way to Lincoln, Nebraska today,we decided to take US route 34 to see more of the towns than if we drove on I-80. It was very interesting!  Some towns very small with nothing but a crossroads but some with actual small main streets with a few stores. We stopped in a little park in Trenton  to eat lunch.

We had hard boiled eggs,cheese,humus,carrots,and crackers left over from Vail so we finshed up quite a few of these goodies. As we continued driving across Nebraska, we saw three large cattle ranches,one even with a cowboy rounding up the herd. These ranches were quite large,cattle as far as the eye could see! No wonder the restaurants here in Lincoln were offering 100% Omaha Steak!

The big town coming across Nebraska was McCook with many stores including 3 Casey’s  (which are like Wawa but not nearly as good). We did get on I -80 just north of Holdrege to finish the last 160 miles into Lincoln. We took a Hampton about 9 miles out of the city and with a bike path very close.

A good traveling day even though it was  in the car .


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