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March 8, 2014

9 Mar

Greetings from Haiti! We arrived here today without a hiccup!
The weather is apprx. 86 degrees and guess what no snow!
We spent the afternoon relaxing a bit and then putting together the grocery bags of tootbrush, toothpaste and vitamins which each person seen in the clinic will receive.

I was so awed by the wonderful gifts placed in each team members carry on bag to give to the people who live here in the Parish House. How they fit so much in their bags is beyond my comprhension! It was like Christmas here today! 


We also made necklaces with the miraculous medals which Gemma had brought.The children with big smiles as they picked their color of string for their miraculous medal necklace! Also throughly enjoying some granola bars we had given them!

Delicious food prepared for us by Jaclese and assisted by Leone. For lunch a rice noodle soup and croissants,for dinner turkey,rice and broccolli and carrots.
Welcomed by all!
Our prayer reflection time was fruitful and a great ending to this blessed day!

Everyone is in bed as daylight savings time begins here tomorrow as well!

Just wanted to get a few words down to put some thoughts together.

Attached are some pics from our day,

God is good!

Pleasant Dreams!

Love, Manny and Marsha