Thursday, May 23, 2013

24 May

Yesterday we needed to occupy our time as it turned out for the entire day while our car had some repairs completed. The engine light had come on and some issues were found by the Toyota mechanics.  We did not have a great bike route for the day but decided to bike to the campus of UNM which is on the east side of Albuquerque.  We found a shady spot to chill out and read. By the time we rode back to pick up the car at least we had done 30 miles. Not a lot but at least some to get in a workout. By 6pm we were on our way an hour north on I-25 to arrive in Santa Fe. While we had a good time in Albuquerque, it was great to be back on the road.

Today, we went on a guided raft trip down the Rio Grande. The raft company, Kokopelli, is based out of Santa Fe but the trip starts an hour north where  the Rio Grande can be accessed. Our raft guide, Ned, did an amazing job bringing us down the river.The primary problem was wind, wind and more wind! Of course it was blowing up stream so forward motion was a workout! Also, only Manny, myself (who is the heaviest of the three), and Ned were in our raft which did not weigh us down into the water very well. We did have a terrific time, great views, and good conversation. It was certainly a workout for our upper body muscles, not our strong point! Manny and I enjoyed a hearty dinner and we certainly hope Ned had 3 dinnners considering all the energy and effort he expended today!

Tomorrow we head to Mesa Verde for camping over the Memorial Day weekend. We hope to stop at the Loretta Chapel in Santa Fe before we head north. While many of you may not recognize the name, you probably have heard the story of the spiral staricase. It was built by an unkown very skilled carpenter who appeared at the church to fulfill the need for a staircase to the balcony and just as quickly after the staircase was completed he disappeared.  Legend has it that it was St. Joseph.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

One Response to “Thursday, May 23, 2013”

  1. Cindy Goodling May 27, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi M and M,
    Happy Memorial Day to both of you. The raft trip sounds like an adventure. The weather here has also been beautiful, but also very windy. On Saturday, Mike, DJ, and I went hiking on a path by Safe Harbor Dam. Great trail: quiet and scenic. Today we are chowing down at a picnic at Bill and Joanne’s. Keep on trekking. My prayers are with you for a safe and happy journey. With love, Cindy

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